More than 25 years ago, solo entrepreneur Christoph Gröner laid the foundations for CG Gruppe AG. Right up to his withdrawal as CEO in March 2020, he built the company into one of Germany’s leading project developers, with more than 800 employees and an overall development volume of around 8 bn euros.

While CG Gruppe AG is no longer operating as an independent project development company, having changed its name and merged with Consus Real Estate AG/Adler Group, the trademark rights and corporate domain remain with the erstwhile company founder. For this reason, we would like to present here a history of CG Gruppe AG up to its change of name in early 2020 and also take a look at Christoph Gröner’s current ventures.


Since their inception in Leipzig in 1995, Christoph Gröner’s construction businesses as well as contractorship and property development companies have operated under the CG label. The brand is synonymous with construction expertise and a highly committed approach. In the years leading up to the new millennium, the main focus was on older listed buildings in need of redevelopment. There were plenty of these in Leipzig at the time, given the enormous redevelopment backlog from the pre-reunification era. In 2000, the corporate group then expanded its activities to include Berlin.

From 2005, the broad range of building contracting work carried out by Christoph Gröner’s construction businesses was increasingly complemented by larger-scale residential project developments in Leipzig, including extensive new-build projects within major urban-quarter developments. In 2007, work started on a property and commercial park development in Leipzig’s Plagwitz district, a project that is still ongoing. And in 2008, despite the onset of the financial crisis at that time, the company moved ahead with its first extensive project development in the Carré Parkaue in Berlin’s Lichtenberg district. The company group gained a national presence in 2011 when it relocated its headquarters from Leipzig to Berlin. Over the years that followed, CG Gruppe AG’s activities were expanded across the whole of Germany. Project developments took place in all major German towns and cities from this point on, and by 2020 the company had evolved into one of Germany’s leading project developers, with more than 800 employees and an overall development volume of around 8 bn euros

Close of CG Gruppe AG

In March 2020, Christoph Gröner withdrew as CEO of CG Gruppe AG. At that point he still held 25.1% of CG Gruppe AG’s shares, with the remaining shares held by the parent company Consus Real Estate AG (of whose executive board Christoph Gröner was never a member).

CG Gruppe AG altered its name to Consus RE AG immediately following his departure from the executive board and then changed its legal form in September 2020, becoming Consus RE GmbH. In parallel to this, the shareholders approved the sale of the minority interest held by Christoph Gröner to the majority shareholder, giving him 17 project developments for his new company, Gröner Group GmbH, in return. This transaction took effect in November 2020.

Since that point, there has been no corporate, financial, economic or organisational relationship between him or his companies and Consus RE GmbH or its parent company, Consus Real Estate AG.

Neither is there any such relationship between Christoph Gröner or his companies and the new Consus Real Estate AG parent corporation, Adler Group S.A., Luxemburg (formerly operating as ADO Properties S.A.). The latter gradually assumed the majority share in Consus Real Estate AG through several share purchase agreements from summer 2020, and was thus able to pool around 94% of shares for itself by December 2020.


*CG Elementum and the Gröner Group

As an entrepreneur, Christoph Gröner is always eager to take on social responsibility and encourage social cohesion. He harnesses his more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to find and systematically pursue contemporary and future-proof solutions for the great challenges facing the property industry as regards sustainability and affordability. To this end, the Gröner Group was re-established as a holding company, under whose umbrella the likewise re-established CG Elementum AG is now active in encouraging the transformation required to make the property sector environmentally sustainable.
Here is an overview of projects from the former CG Gruppe AG portfolio that have been taken on by CG Elementum and the Gröner Group and are being completed under their own authority.


Since 1995, countless properties have been redeveloped and building projects executed across Germany by Christoph Gröner under the CG label. Below is a list of the projects completed under his leadership, broken down by year.





*For clarification purposes:

All projects remaining with the former CG Gruppe AG (now Consus RE) and under its authority can be viewed here at a glance.
  • Staytion, Berlin

  • ÜBerlin, Berlin

  • Böblinger City Carré, Böblingen

  • Königshöfe, Dresden

  • MaryAnn Apartments, Dresden

  • Palatium, Dresden

  • Quartier Hoym, Dresden

  • Benrather Gärten, Düsseldorf

  • UpperNord Quarter, Düsseldorf

  • UpperNord Tower, Düsseldorf

  • SLT107 Schwabenlandtower, Fellbach

  • Ostend Quartier, Frankfurt

  • GrandOuest, Frankfurt

  • Kampus Kaiserlei, Frankfurt/Offenbach

  • Westend Ensemble, Frankfurt

  • Billwerder Neuer Deich, Hamburg

  • Neuländer Quaree, Hamburg

  • NY Gummiwaaren, Hamburg

  • CologneApart, Cologne

  • Teile von COLOGNEO I, Cologne

  • Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße, Leipzig

  • FourLiving, Leipzig

  • Magnolia, Leipzig

  • Ostforum, Leipzig

  • Quartier Kreuzstraße, Leipzig